Onze missie

Ieder die deelneemt, via intensieve begeleiding in staat stellen om eigen viltuitdagingen aan te gaan.


Charity van der Meer



I studied Fashion and Knitwear Design at Nottingham University of Art and Design (UK) in 2002.


Over the years I developed a keen interest and passion for creating garments using the felt and knitting techniques to express my love for fashion. The two techniques also mix beautifully. Combining them is a matter of controlling the process as far as I can and is a true celebration of textile techniques. My one of a kind creations are combinations of natural fabrics, raw materials and organic fibers. Most of the times I mix silk with wool in the process.

Felt has given me a chance to express myself beyond the conformity of the traditional felt making and dressmaking. There are endless possibilities and I am constantly researching new materials and new techniques. All material I use will tell their own story through my pieces.


The last years I have taught in Europe, United States, South America, Africa and New Zealand. This has helped in developing myself skills of teaching.




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