Onze missie

Ieder die deelneemt, via intensieve begeleiding in staat stellen om eigen viltuitdagingen aan te gaan.


Judit Pócs



I was first introduced to felting in 1992 and since that time I work with it seriously. At the beginning I made mostly objects for personal use, such as bags, purses and carpets. After a while I wanted more, so I started to experiment how to develop felt in 3D. That’s how I reach to make statue-like feltplastics. Interesting in these plastics is, that they are made in one piece, they are’nt sewn, only sometimes some decoration.


I combine wool with other materials, like metal, glass, leather, wood and textiles. Felting does’nt need any speciall tools or skills, but a lot of patience and persistence.


Felting has no bounds,it gives possibility from creating pictures in flat surface to create statues in 3D. They can participate in our everyday life as useful items in the same way,as they can stand in a galery as „useless” fine art works.


I like the freedom of felt in the shapes and colors as well. Colours can be used, mixed and washed into eachother, just like by water-colouring.


The different coloured layers are interweaving eachother and they create new colours around themselfs.


I always experiment and try to find new ways, because I need challenges and the possibilities are endless.


I like to originate order from chaos, to arrange the tangle fibres into a whole under my hands.


I like to incorporate different materilas and rubbing them together, give a feeling as they since ever would have belonged together.



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